Campaign Statement – Reproductive rights for immigrant youth!

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Donald Trump’s war on women, immigrants, and youth has come together with striking clarity in the exposé of Trump appointee Scott Lloyd’s moralistic manipulations as director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

As head of an office that “takes care” of young undocumented immigrants, Lloyd keeps tabs on how many of the teenage girls are pregnant, how far along their pregnancies are, and most of all he tries to prevent them from getting abortions. A Texas girl was forbidden to leave a shelter to go to a clinic until a judge intervened. Others are referred to fraudulent “life-affirming” pregnancy-resource centers. At least one girl whose pregnancy is the result of rape has been denied an abortion. Lloyd defends his withholding of legal medical treatment on the basis that the young women are not entitled to the constitutional protections of citizens.

Other Trump appointees in the Department of Housing and Human Services (HHS) include opponents of contraceptives, promoters of abstinence, and leaders of anti-LGBTQ rights measures. A sub-section of the HHS civil rights office has been formed called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, which has the mission of “protecting Americans at every stage of life, from conception.” Clearly they plan to impose their nightmarish religious restrictions on everyone else’s freedom.

Advocates for Hoffman calls for the urgent release of all detained immigrants, including young people, with full freedom of access to accurate reproductive information, medical services including abortion and contraception, and childcare for those who are parents. The campaign also stands for the right of all immigrants to education, jobs, free gender expression, and sexual choice.

To protect the rights of all people living in the U.S., disband the “Conscience and Religious Freedom Division.” Separate church and state. Reverse all measures undermining the right to free abortion on demand for women of all ages. Ensure real reproductive justice, including the right to pre- and post-natal care, free 24-hour childcare, and guaranteed food, housing, medical care, and services for all poor and working people regardless of age or immigration status.