Remarks supporting a Seattle “head tax”

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Hello. My name is Jared Houston. I am a member of the Freedom Socialist Party and the Assistant Campaign Manager of the campaign to elect Steve Hoffman to the U.S. Senate.

Our campaign slogan is “Strength through Solidarity.” And after witnessing the reactions to the “head tax” this week, I think the slogan of big business in Seattle must be division through hysteria!

Amazon says they will leave the city and take their jobs with them unless they are exempted from paying a microscopic tax on their profits. This is absurd! Amazon already pays a lower percentage in taxes than the average minimum wage worker.

Bezos’ bluff is a classic case of “divide and conquer.” And the Ironworkers Union Local 86 supporting him are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Do these workers really believe that “humanitarian” Jeff Bezos will be there to “spare them a dime” once the building boom is over? Not a chance!

The bosses are not our friends. Especially those with a net worth over $130 billion! I have great respect for councilmembers O’Brien and Sawant who have the guts to take on Washington’s broken and regressive tax structure.

Workers need independence from the bosses and the parties that represent them. It’s time we say no to the Bezos bullies so that we can “turn the tables on the rich” once and for all!