“Power to the people”: more support rolls in

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As voting-by-mail continues in Washington state, the campaign office is impressed with the support Steve has gotten.  My favorite one so far: “I’m voting for my Union Brother and Friend, Steve Hoffman, in the Primary. Steve has a good heart and fights for working folks every single day.”

Comments and endorsements like these have inspired us all week.  Read on for the latest.

News nuggets

• A sample of the messages we’ve received via email, Facebook and Twitter:

– “Power to the people” – Facebook, twice!

– “I’m voting for Steve Hoffman (@VoteSocialism) because he’s a socialist and because @SenatorCantwell is super anti-#BDS. I called her office three times last year and she clearly values the Israel lobby more than her constituents (some of whom are actually pro-Palestinian Jewish Israelis).” – Twitter

– “Hi! Just moved back to Washington a couple months ago after being away for 6 years (grew up here). Active DSA member, just saw and voted for Mr. Hoffman after reading about his platform in the Snohomish County Voter Pamphlet. I loved everything I read about his platform and think he’s the type of person this country desperately needs. Thanks!” – Email

– “I spent an hour campaigning at the Farmers Market (Vashon Island). ‘Steve Hoffman is running for US Senate, unlike many of the other 25 candidates running against Maria Cantwell, he is very worthy of your consideration.’ Expect a few more votes for Steve from the Vashon Island community.” – Facebook

• Supporters Sybrina Woodson and Kathy King added “Why I support Steve” videos to the YouTube collection. Sybrina notes, “He’s not telling me promises.  He’s telling me what he plans to fight for.”  Kathy says, “I trust him and I think people do trust him.

• Seattle Gay News published a wonderful letter defending Hoffman and the Freedom Socialist Party’s record of fighting for and winning queer rights. Volunteer Coordinator Chris Smith wrote the letter after the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee (SeaMEC) gave Steve a low rating in their candidate guide. SGN published the guide so the campaign is happy they also published our response. Read the letter here.

• Northwest Labor Press also published a “Union Guide to Washington’s August Primary” without mentioning Steve.  Luckily they are accepting comments on the piece and have added mine which promotes Steve as the best choice for U.S. Senate. Check it out at the bottom on the article on this website. Feel free to add your comment too!

What’s happening next?

• Wednesday, August 1st is Volunteer Appreciation Night, an extra special Volunteer Night. We will go out and campaign, then come back to Headquarters and toast volunteers with treats and drinks.

• Join Steve on the Farm Worker March for Dignity, Sunday, August 5th, in Lynden WA. Call or email the campaign office to meet up with him, spread the word about Steve’s campaign, and support farm workers.

• On Tuesday, August 7th, come to the Election Night Party! Hear Steve recount tales from the trail, enjoy a Summer Salad Buffet and celebrate Steve’s successful working-class run for Senate. Gather at 6:30pm, Campaign Headquarters, 5018 Rainier Ave., S., Seattle.

Volunteers, Helpers, Assistants and Collaborators

Here’s the top three things you can do to help the campaign as we head into the final week before the primary.

1. Distribute postcards and brochures.

2. Put up posters.

3. Like and share on Facebook; retweet on Twitter; post on Instagram.

Contact the campaign at 206-722-2453 or VoteSocialism@gmail to help with any of these things.

Doting on donations

To keep postcards, posters and postings on social media coming, keep those donations rolling in!

Make checks payable to Advocates for Hoffman, mail to or drop off at 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118.

Online donations accepted here.

Until next week!

In solidarity,

Doreen McGrath
Campaign Manager