Workers and the labor movement

It’s crucial to defend besieged union rights, Steve believes, but working people also need a political voice through establishing an independent labor party — one that would fight for both organized and unorganized workers.

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Social justice and democratic rights

Steve upholds women’s rights, including safe, legal abortion, and LGBTQ rights. He believes that no human is illegal and calls for dismantling ICE. He challenges systemic racism as a union shop steward and supports ending mass incarceration, creating elected civilian review boards over the cops, and respecting Native treaties.

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War and militarism

Bring the troops home! That’s what Navy veteran Steve stands for. He calls for closing U.S. military bases around the world, retraining soldiers for peacetime production, and developing a foreign policy based on solidarity among workers of all countries.

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Economy and environment

Steve supports expansion of public employment to create jobs, provide the public services people need, and protect the environment. He promotes public ownership of banks and nationalizing the energy industry under workers’ control to transition away from fossil fuels. Corporations should pay for socially necessary programs like free childcare and college, a nationalized healthcare system, and aid to poor families.

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The right wing

Steve has decades of experience organizing against the right wing and the far right in all its guises, whether in Klan robes or business suits. He believes that a democratic united front made up of the targets of the modern-day fascists is what’s needed to stop them in their tracks.

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Capitalism and Socialism

On his vision for the future, Steve says: “We need a socialist system where enterprises are owned by people collectively, run democratically, and the workers call the shots about what’s produced. We provide everyone with healthcare and a clean environment instead of building B-1 bombers. Everything is based to meet people’s needs and not to generate profits for a few to become fabulously rich. This is what socialism looks like.”

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