Below you can find campaign press releases and
some of Steve’s writings on a variety of issues over the years.

War and militarism
Trump’s Trigger-Happy War Cabinet Versus Socialist Internationalism
Soldiers are Uncle Sam’s most disposable workers
Uncle Sam wants YOU to surrender your mind

The right wing
Hoffman stands up to Patriot Prayer

Workers and the Labor movement
House of Labor divided over Trump
Affirmative action = class solidarity
Mexican farmworkers take on growers and a corrupt union
Besieged public workers key to labor’s fate
Washington state labor convention: Resolved; it’s time to act!
Union locals embrace a call for a U.S. general strike

Social Justice
Reproductive rights for immigrant youth!
Seattle homeless camp weathers many storms

The big “fiscal cliff” deal: Preparing to sacrifice the poor and elderly
The myth of the jobless recovery

Capitalism and Socialism
Amid recession, reaction and rebellion: A world to win, a planet to save


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