Educating the media

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Letter to the editor from Campaign Manager Doreen McGrath to The Columbian newspaper

Katy Sword’s May 7 article, “Cantwell’s fundraising far ahead of Gibson’s in U.S. Senate race” (The Columbian), misses two opportunities. First, the diversity of candidates running for U.S. Senate and second, characterizing alt-right candidate Joey Gibson as a conservative Republican.

Among the candidates running against Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is Steve Hoffman, a member of the Freedom Socialist Party who had no trouble quickly raising over $7,500. Yet there’s no mention of this socialist feminist option on the ballot.

More than a conservative, Gibson counts fascist groups among his followers. His program is against women’s rights, other religions and anyone who’s anti-capitalist.

To cover this race fairly, Steve Hoffman should also be interviewed.