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What next for Steve and campaign supporters

While Advocates for Hoffman celebrate the campaign's 7,000+ votes, Steve and friends remain geared up for the good fights to come — including protesting Patriot Prayer on Saturday, August 18, with one more volunteer night on Wednesday the 15th to make signs and prepare.

"My campaign is about building a movement to stop the attacks on unions, public education, civil rights and social services."

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About the Freedom Socialist Party

The Freedom Socialist Party is a revolutionary feminist organization bent on replacing the ugliness and unsustainability of capitalist rule with international workers’ democracy.

Members of different colors, ages, genders, and sexualities fight as one for all who are exploited and oppressed and for a healthy future for the planet.

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"Steve Hoffman is a candidate who believes in no borders and finding ways to accept immigrant families into this country as they are."

– Juan-Carlos Ortega Esquinca, Seattle activist

"I feel like he's a candidate I can trust. That his words are not just empty promises."

— Sybrina Woodson, WFSE Local 304 shop steward

"He believes in multiracial organizing and leadership....As a queer woman of color, that's so important."

— Yuisa Gimeno, Radical Women


Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Puget Sound Chapter
Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS) 
Progressive Party of Washington
Radical Women, Seattle
Socialist Action
Socialist Alternative
WFSE Local 304, 1221, 1488

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Steve on the Issues

Steve calls for the US to open its borders and to cease its violent immigration policies.