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Tucson battle for ethnic studies by Christina López, Freedom Socialist 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate.

Stephen Durham and other socialist candidates appear on a HuffPost Live segment called “Meet Your Socialists.” September 28, 2012.

2012 Freedom Socialist Presidential Candidate Stephen Durham speaks on immigrant rights, a central part of his and running mate Christina López’s socialist platform for U.S. presidency. A strong workers’ rights advocate who has long fought racial and sexual discrimination, Durham speaks three languages and is building ties with unionists and feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Immigrant testimonials were taken on the campaign trail in Washington Heights, NY, a historic Dominican neighborhood.



Jeff 4 Justice talks to Freedom Socialist Party Presidential candidate Stephen Durham and running mate Christina López about the taboos of socialism and the advancement of alternative political parties. Interview in Los Angeles on August 3, 2012.



Jeff for Justice asks why veteran gay activist Stephen Durham’s Presidential campaign is being ignored by most LGBTI mainstream media. Interview in Los Angeles on August 3, 2012.



Freedom Socialist 2012 Presidential Candidate Stephen Durham and running mate Christina López speak at Peace and Freedom Party Convention, August 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Introduction by Nancy Kato.



Freedom Socialist Party Presidential candidate Stephen Durham, campaigns at the Los Angeles May Day 2012 march. Durham is running on the Freedom Socialist Party ticket with Vice Presidential candidate Christina López. In California, they are vying for the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party. In other states they are running a write-in campaign.



Freedom Socialist Party candidate for U.S. Vice President Christina López explains why she is running in this Un-millionaire campaign with Stephen Durham, candidate for President, and why you should help.



Stephen Durham, write-in candidate for President of the Freedom Socialist Party speaks at a fundraising dinner in Harlem’s Freedom Hall about providing citizens an actual choice to replace our obsolete economic system, capitalism, with socialism as a path to achieving human freedom.



Stephen Durham interviewed by John Gabree before the Peace and Freedom Party Candidates Forum on April 22, 2012 in Culver City, CA.

YouTube video blogger Jeff4Justice visited the alternative candidates presidential debate hosted by The Maggie Phair Institute on April 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA.

Guests at the event included: Rocky Anderson (Justice Party); Roseanne Barr (Green Party); Stephen Durham (Freedom Socialist Party); Peta Lindsay (Socialism & Liberation Party); Kent Mesplay (Green Party); Jill Stein (Green Party).

The following video is about 50 minutes long and is comprised of short interviews Jeff did with several of the candidates, including Stein, Barr and Anderson.

Durham’s interview can be found at the 33:40 mark.