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Endorsers List

Norma Abdulah, Harlem activist, retired teacher, New York City, NY
Wayne Affeldt, cabinet maker, Portland, OR
Morgan Ahern, Lolo Diklo: Romani Against Racism, Vashon Island, WA
Ross Allen, retired, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 618-0 (Thurston/Lacey),* Tumwater, WA
Bess Altwerger, Save Our Schools,* Baltimore, MD
Luke I. Anavi, retired Tri Met bus driver, member of Amalgamated Transit Union 757,* Portland, OR

Amina Baraka, cultural worker, revolutionary poet, singer, Newark, NJ
Sonia Bautista, President, REFORMA, The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking, LA Chapter,* Downey, CA
Ray Berard, American Federation of Teachers Local 2121,* San Francisco, CA
Dr. Natalie Boero, author and professor (sociology) at San Jose State University, California Faculty Association,* Oakland, CA
Suzanne Brooks, Justice 4 All Includes Women of Color, Sacramento, CA
Richard Brown, former Black Panther, co-defendant of San Francisco 8, co-founder of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights,* San Francisco, CA
Jesús M. Bruno, Forest Grove, OR
Mark Bunster, Lake Oswego, 97034
Patrick Burns, community activist, retired member, Carpenters Local 30,* Seattle, WA
Eryn Byram, labor activist, Portland, OR

Mima Cataldo, Progressive Librarian’s Guild member,* feminist photographer, Petaluma, CA
Kyle Christensen, MSW, Dayton, OH
Tricia Coley, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46,* Seattle, WA
Jessica Conrey, Louisville, KY
Eddie Conway, former Minister of Defense, Baltimore Black Panther Party, author of two books, Vietnam Vet, and political prisoner for over 40 years
Mark Cook, former Black Panther and political prisoner for 27 years, Seattle, WA
Roberto Cornejo, Kennewick, WA
Stephen Cramer, Fostoria, OH
Melissa Curtis, registered nurse, Nature Conservancy,* Pocatello, ID
Laura Curry, member N. Clackamas Education Association,* Clackamas, OR

John R. W. Danks, information technology professional, Port Angeles, WA
Lois Danks, coordinator, Stop the Checkpoints,* Port Angeles, WA
Jim Dawson, Gray Panthers,* Torrance, CA
Denise D’Anne, retired, San Francisco, CA
Jeri Deitrick, board member, Mazer Lesbian Archives,* Los Angeles, CA
Mark Drummond, Service Employees International Union Local 925,* Occupy Seattle,* Seattle, WA

Michael Estrada, professor, San Francisco, CA
Chris Faatz, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 5,* Portland, OR
Bryan Fabert, in-home caregiver, Service Employees International Union Local 775,* Seattle, WA
Feminist Resistance, New York City, NY
Dean Ferguson, Co-editor, Transformation: A Journal of Philosophy, Literature and the Arts,* San Francisco, CA
Dr. Raya Fidel, former University of Washington Professor of Information Science,* Seattle, WA
Edwina Finefrock, social worker, Seattle, WA
William Fitzpatrick, homeless activist, San Francisco, CA
Doug Frechin, Teamsters Local 174,* Socialist Alternative,* Edmonds, WA
Elazar (Les) Friedman, Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal,* Oscar Grant Committee,* Berkeley, CA
Thomas Getts, Portland, OR
Jorge González, University of Washington lecturer,* translator, Seattle, WA

Patrick Haggerty, gay rights activist, musician, Bremerton, WA
Marcel Hatch, All Rise Together House of Good Faith,*Priest Lake, ID
Snow Hau, medical researcher, Seattle, WA
Joanne Heisel, Committee for Palestinian Rights,* Howard County, MD
Phyllis Holliday, author, former member Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 2,* San Francisco, CA
Michael Hureaux, labor activist, Seattle, WA
Fred Hyde, civil rights attorney, Retired Public Employees Council, Chapter 3,* Seattle, WA

Hashima Jones, feminist, Oakland, CA
Mike Kearney, Veterans for Peace,* Tukwila, WA
Kathy King, Washington Federation of State Employees Local 435,* Seattle, WA
Glenn Kirkindall, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555,* Portland, OR
Nina Laboy, Seattle, WA
James Lafferty, Executive Director, Los Angeles Chapter, National Lawyers Guild,*
Los Angeles, CA
Don Larson, retired member Carpenters Local 30,* Seattle, WA
Frederick LeFevre, San Francisco, CA
Laura Love, singer, musician, songwriter, Okanogan, WA

Anne MacFadden, Seattle, WA
Channing MacFadden, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587,* Seattle, WA
Laura Mannen, Forest Grove Education Association,* Forest Grove, OR
Guadelupe Martínez, Instructor, Clackamas Community College,* Clackamas, OR
Bob Marshall, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555* organizer, Portland, OR
Sara McCoy, past president, Metro Justice,* Rochester, NY
William J. McCoy, membership chair, Metro Justice,* Rochester, NY
Gene Mejia, hip hop lyricist (MC 360), Los Angeles, CA
Richard L. Merrell, Air Line Pilots Association,* Seattle, WA
Scott Merrell, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21,* Seattle, WA
CJ Mitchell, human rights activist, South Pasadena, CA
Dr. Marie Monaco, Professor, New York University Medical School,* New York City, NY
Moisés Montoya, Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Work Group,* San Francisco, CA
Dr. Steven Mulrooney, Doctors Council, Local 10MD, Service Employees International Union* New York City, NY

Donald A. B. Nemeyer, former Professor of Humanities, Essex County College, Newark, NJ, American Federation of Teachers,* San Francisco, CA
Richard Nelson, Queers Without Borders,*Hartford, CT
Douglas Noble, Metro Justice,* Rochester Against War,* Rochester, NY
Henry Noble, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
District 751,* Seattle, WA

John O’Brien, Gay rights activist, Stonewall participant, Los Angeles, CA
Gamelyn Oduardo, attorney, Puerto Rican independence activist, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS), Seattle, WA
Beatriz Paez, Service Employees International Union Local 99,* bilingual special education teacher, South Gate, CA
Jane Pafford, Arcadia, FL
Tom Pafford, AFL-CIO United Association, Local 725 (Pipefitters, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Miami, FL),* Arcadia, FL
Jason Pedegana, Occupy Portland,* Portland, OR
Gina Petry, grassroots social services advocate, coordinator, Sisters Organize for Survival,* Seattle, WA
Political Staff Workers Union, Local 1, Seattle, WA
Kay Grant Powers, former teacher, labor historian, officer–Snohomish County First Amendment Scholarship Fund,* Seattle, WA
Ralph Poynter, New Abolition Movement,* Brooklyn, NY

Radical Women, U.S. Section
Alan Rebar, Member BTU, American Federation of Teachers 340,* Baltimore, MD
Lawrence Reyes, Puerto Rican Alliance of Los Angeles, CA
Beth Reeder, Winchester, KY
Rebecca Ritchie, Save Our Schools Steering Committee Member,* Renton, WA
Narce Rodriguez, Forest Grove, OR
David Rovics, Singer/Songwriter, Portland, OR
Marie Runyon, Founder of Harlem Restoration Project,* former State Assembly Member,
New York City, NY

Asha A. Samad-Matias, Somali Association for Relief and Development (SAFRAD),*
New York City, NY
Philippe Lawrence Sawyer, Sacramento County Central Committee, Peace and Freedom Party of California,* Sacramento, CA
Grace Schaller, union and civil rights activist, Issaquah, WA
Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network,* Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism,*
Chicago, IL
Mark Schwartz, mayoral candidate, writer, Berkeley, CA
Alise Sochaczewski, union steward, National Union of Healthcare Workers,* Los Angeles, CA
Michael Steven Smith, attorney, host of Law and Disorder Radio-WBAI,* New York City, NY
Tanya Smith, University Professional and Technical Employees-Communication Workers of America Local 9119,* Berkeley, CA
Socialist Core, New York City, NY
Noemi Sohn, Filipina American feminist poet, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Steven Strauss, single payer healthcare advocate, Baltimore, MD
Everett Stewart, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587,* former Galion, Ohio City Councilmember, Seattle, WA
Joshua Stanfield Switzer, actor, author, and activist, Coalition on Homelessness,* San Francisco, CA
William Starkel, Vancouver, WA

Michael Tagawa, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587,* Seattle, WA
Nicole Troxell, sociology instructor, Louisville, KY
Unite Left!, Poughkeepsie, NY
Arturo Velasquez, Struggles United/Luchas Unidas (SULU), Los Angeles, CA
L.E. Ward, retired teacher and author, Iron River, MI
Timothy Whallan, painter, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Susan Williams, Doctors Council, Local 10 MD, Service Employees International Union,* New York City, NY

Kovak Williamson, American Federation of Teachers 2121,* San Francisco, CA
Corrine Willinger, former teacher, Granny Peace Brigade,* New York City, NY
Caroline Wilson, Louisville, KY
Nellie Wong, Asian-American poet, San Francisco, CA
Merle Woo, former Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Governor, San Francisco, CA
Roger Yockey, author, retiree, United Food and Commercial Workers,*Lynnwood, WA
Ziyad Zaitoun, Voices of Palestine,* Seattle, WA
Steve Zeltzer, Labor videographer, San Francisco, CA

* for identification purposes only

Last updated: 10/1/12