Your contribution to the Un-millionaire Campaign will be used to spread the word through mailings, press releases, forums, pamphlets, the campaign web site, Twitter and travel by the candidates to far flung regions of the US.

What will you get in return?

We can’t promise you a night in Lincoln’s bed or an ambassadorship to Uzbekistan. We don’t have a Madison Avenue ad agency to create feel good slogans like “Believe in America or “Change we can believe in.” And we don’t talk to God, so we don’t know what he/she thinks we should do in his/her name.

What we do have is an understanding of who creates wealth—workers—and who pockets the wealth they create—capitalists. It is our conviction that society would be a lot better off if those who create wealth—the majority—were actually in the driver’s seat instead of just along for the ride.

That’s the end of our fundraising pitch

You can make a difference. Please contribute generously.

If you send us your address, we’ll send you a campaign button.

And THANK YOU for all you already do to improve life for the un-rich and the un-powerful.

Download the donation form and mail to:

Freedom Socialist 2012 Presidential Campaign
4710 University Way NE #100
Seattle, WA 98105

The Freedom Socialist 2012 Presidential Campaign – Durham and López can accept individual contributions of up to $2,500. For donations of more than $200, federal law requires us to collect the giver’s name, address, occupation and employer’s name, and make that information publicly available.